The purpose of the Web SIG is to promote information for Web-based Products and Initiatives to the NYOUG members, to emphasize how to develop Web applications with Oracle databases, to support the NYOUG (Newsletter contributions, event speakers, Web Site, etc.) and to foster professional networking between fellow Oracle Web programmers and DBAs.

Web SIG Chairperson             
            Coleman Leviter, OCP
            E*mail:  websig@nyoug.org
  • Anyone wanting to be notified by email of WEB SIG meetings please notify Coleman Leviter at websig@nyoug.org
  • Click here to see past WEB SIG Presentations.
  • We are accepting presentations to be given at our  DBA, BI/DW, Long Island, & Web SIGs.  If you would like to present at a SIG please use the form located here.
Dr.Paul Dorsey and Michael Rosenblum
Josh Millinger
Coleman Leviter
Marc Sewtz
Marc Sewtz
Tony Politano
Prabhu Shanmugam
Greg Cranz
Prabhu Shanmugam
Tarek Abdelsalam
Nick Dimtchev
Eunhee Lee