Better Designed Than Sorry – Let’s Design Our DB Schema

Presenter: Liron Amitzi

Schema design is an important part of any application design. It can affect performance, the development process and even your SQL queries.
Thinking about design in advance is very important as design is not something we can easily change down the road.
Yet, sometimes we get fixated on a specific design without thoroughly considering other, potentially better, options.

In this session I hope to challenge your design mindset by discussing a few design challenges and a few ways to solve them.
What are the implications of each solution? Which way is the best? Is there even a “best” way to solve these cases?

Meet the Speaker:
Liron is an Oracle ACE Director and a senior Oracle DBA consultant, with more than 20 years of experience.
During these years Liron worked as a senior consultant with a large number of companies in various fields and managed an
Oracle Professional Services Team. He mainly specializes in high availability solutions, performance, backup and recovery, and other infrastructure and application database areas.

Liron is the president of BCOUG (British Columbia Oracle User Group), and he is also a well-known instructor and lectures in Oracle courses, events and forums

Co-Hosted by the New York Oracle Users group ( and Viscosity North America.


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