Back Office system re-engineering- key success factors – case study

May 3, 2022 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

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During the night, Back-office systems have to process tons of records and calculate millions of values. Systems usually are very busy during the night. But is the night long enough to do such hard work? The end of day processes in the back-office systems can take several hours. Record holders are approaching even 24 hours!
In the session, I will discuss a successful system re-engineering project that involved gathering information on the current system and analyzing requirements, and transforming them into the system of tomorrow. I will walk through the main process I went through: the requirements, design and PL/SQL code, and the changes that allowed us to shorten the processing time. Not only did we improve a single process but the entire system processing time was reduced from several hours to several minutes.
Come to this session and find out what were the key factors to achieving success!

Presented by Monika Lewandowska….
Monika is an experienced Oracle architect, designer, and developer. She started her journey with Oracle in the last century with Oracle DB 7, continuing to this day. She emphasizes the solution’s simplicity, code quality, best practices, and above all – system performance. She is an Oracle Ace and willingly shares her experience. She loves fast motorcycles and databases!

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