Data as Code: Exploring Data and Database Portability

April 27, 2023 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Databases are traditionally roadblocks to application development. Data refreshes are time-consuming and require downtime and coordination across teams. Legacy environments must balance the risk of stale data against the time, effort, and inconvenience of reverting databases to baselines. Even modern agile shops struggle with this task, engineering complex processes or investing in third-party data management solutions. The primary obstacle? The way traditional databases merge software, configuration, and data, creating a bottleneck around niche skills unique to database administrators.

Organizations eliminate that dependency by shifting to a container model and delivering Data as Code. Containers separate database software from its data. Decoupling data eliminates the need for specialized skills, making it another artifact in the development lifecycle. Individuals and teams can create and refresh data on-demand, version it alongside application code, and distribute it as code or objects. Data as Code reduces uncertainty introduced by data drift and allows organizations to experience greater development velocity, consistent and reliable testing, and improved application quality!

Presented by Sean Scott, Oracle ACE Director, Principal Consultant Viscosity.  Sean is an Oracle ACE Director, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect Professional, and Oracle Autonomous Database Certified Specialist.

This event is co-hosted by the New York Oracle Users Group ( and Oracle Professional Services firm, Viscosity North America (