Top 10 Recommendations to make Oracle Licensing a Breeze

Presenters: Charles Kim and Jason Wipaki

Oracle Licensing is tricky, complex, and time-consuming. This booth session will explore the top 10 recommendations to consider as shifting market conditions, emerging products and feature sets, and changes in Oracle licensing policies make it nearly impossible for organizations to manage and control unforeseen costs while remaining compliant.

Common questions and topics addressed:

I heard ODA’s can help us save – can you tell us how this works?
SE vs. SE2 licensing
Does it make sense for us to upgrade to EE licensing?
How do we save on licensing for DEV/QA environments?
What is a restricted use license?
NUPs vs Processor Perpetual Licensing
Do I need to license my primary database server the same as my DR server?
Does it make sense to consider a ULA relationship with Oracle?
Does it make sense for us to consolidate our CSI’s?
What is the minimum licenses for Exadata compute nodes



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