2015 Winter General Meeting – Presentations



2015 Winter General Meeting – Presentations

December 15, 2015 Sponsored by Dell Software and Delphix





KEYNOTE: Empowering IT Infrastructure with Enterprise Manager 12c

For Oracle Database Administrators, Enterprise Manager, (EM) is the defacto monitoring and performance  management tool in their arsenal. With Enterprise Manager 12c, the product’s extended framework has been enhanced with numerous features and plugins that surpass just the database realm to push into infrastructure performance and management. This session will dig deep into the features that not only cover database performance, but also show how EM12c manages engineered systems, big data, the IT environment and even the cloud.
Attendees will get a clear view of how much EM12c has changed in recent releases to provide everyone in IT with the information on performance, monitoring and management that they need to know before they even knew there was an issue.

Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman is a member of the Oak Table Network and was an Oracle ACE Director until joining Oracle as the Consulting Member for the Strategic Customer Program, a specialized group of Enterprise Manager Specialists. Kellyn is known for her extensive work with Enterprise Manager 12c, its command line interface, environment optimization tuning, automation and architecture design. Her blog, http://dbakevlar.com and social media activity under her handle, DBAKevlar is well respected for her insight and content. She is the lead author on a number of technical books, hosts webinars for numerous technical groups, including All Things Oracle and has presented at Oracle Open World, HotSos, Collaborate, KSCOPE, along with other US and European conferences.
Kellyn is a strong advocate for Women in Technology, (WIT) and technical education for the next generation, (STEAM/STEM) working with the Raspberry Pi and code to instruct kids of all ages to embrace a passion for the technology that runs our world!


DBA TRACK: RDBMS Forensics: Troubleshooting Using ASH

Arthur C. Clarke wrote that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” and it sometimes makes troubleshooting seem like art. But it is not art; it is a process, and this presentation uses two case studies about resolving the ORA-03136 “connection lost” error to demonstrate that process and to show how components such as ASH, typically thought of as performance tuning tools for DBAs, are also useful diagnostic tools for everyone. Attendees will learn a forensic, empirical approach to troubleshooting and see a demonstration of a complex troubleshooting task resulting in a non-intuitive but empirically sound resolution. This presentation should make you think of ASH as something like queryable trace information captured and stored within the database.

Tim Gorman is a technical consultant for Delphix, who enable data virtualization to increase the agility of IT development and testing. Tim has co-authored six books, performed technical review on eight more books, has been an Oracle ACE since 2007 and an Oracle ACE Director since 2012, a member of the Oak Table Network since 2002, has an author’s page on Amazon, and has presented at Oracle Open World, Collaborate, KScope, Hotsos, RMOUG, UKOUG, and Oracle users groups in lots of wonderful places around the world.


DEVELOPER TRACK: Mobile, Cloud, REST and IoT with ORDS and APEX 5.0

Oracle Application Express (APEX) enables you to build powerful mobile and responsive web applications quickly. With Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS), you can easily integrate your APEX apps with other services and systems. This presentation examines how you can build and deploy mobile apps with APEX on the Oracle Cloud, how you can have these apps talk to other services on the Internet and how you can connect your apps with the Internet of Things – controlling physical devices, right from your phone.

Marc Sewtz is a Senior Software Development Manager at Oracle Corporation in New York. With over 18 years of industry experience, Marc held roles in Consulting, Sales and Product Development and manages a global team of Software Developers and Product Managers in the Oracle APEX development team, part of the Oracle Database Tools group. Marc and his team are responsible for product features such as the Oracle Application Express User Interface and Theme infrastructure, Mobile development, Dynamic Actions, Reporting, Charting, Tabular Forms and PDF printing. Marc has a Master’s degree in computer science from the University of Applied Sciences in Wedel, Germany.


DBA TRACK: Pluggable Databases – Save money and time by harnessing the power of ORACLE for database consolidation

We were looking for an environment that would continue to provide the cost savings and flexibility in maintenance that the current clusters provided with Veritas and RAC One-Node. Fortunately, ORACLE 12c is now available, and the Pluggable Database feature appeared to be just the ticket to move to a standard platform and maintain the savings provided in a consolidated environment. This presentation discusses the basic concepts of pluggable databases, and how to move a standalone database to a pluggable database. It will also describe security in a pluggable database, the container database, and review the basics of the pluggable database and conduct a live demo of a migration of a standalone database to a pluggable database.

John Larkin worked as a DBA for 29 years, concentrating on Oracle for the last 17, providing support for all aspects of database administration from design through implementation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Experienced in RAC, RAC One-Node, Standalone environments with DataGuard. He has been a presenter at various Oracle conferences, including Oracle OpenWorld, Collaborate and the New York Oracle Users group.


DEVELOPER TRACK: A New View of Database Views

Too many people think of views as nothing more than stored SQL statements. The goal of this presentation is to challenge this notion. Nowadays views can be quite complex: they can be built on top of user-defined functions; they may include extremely complex INSTEAD-OF or composite triggers; they can even include constraints! As a result, views can serve as translators between UI-driven data representation (heavily denormalized and customized) and DBA-driven data representation (normalized with referential integrity constraints and foreign keys). This presentation shows that keeping such transformations in the database provides a much higher level of flexibility, manageability, and performance, in comparison to other technologies.

Michael Rosenblum is a Software Architect/Senior DBA at Dulcian, Inc. where he is responsible for system tuning and application architecture. Michael supports Dulcian developers by writing complex PL/SQL routines and researching new features. He is the co-author of PL/SQL for Dummies (Wiley Press, 2006), PL/SQL Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques (Oracle Press, 2014), contributing author of Expert PL/SQL Practices (APress, 2011), and author of a number of database-related articles (IOUG Select Journal, ODTUG Tech Journal) and conference papers. Michael is an Oracle ACE, a frequent presenter at various Oracle user group conferences (Oracle OpenWorld, ODTUG, IOUG Collaborate, RMOUG, NYOUG, etc).


DBA TRACK: How to Find the Optimal Configuration for Your Virtualized Environment

The presentation will cover the competing goals of virtual server consolidation: minimizing the computational footprint and keeping users happy. Attendees will learn how to express their goals and business requirements clearly. A case study utilizing Oracle Enterprise Manager Repository as a primary data source will be reviewed in detail. The presentation will also describe the implementation specifics of some common businesses requirements. A short guide for using OEM Consolidation Planner to implement some of those requirements will also be provided. The presentation discusses the rudimentary ideas of the virtual server consolidation process and showcases a number of implementation tips and techniques.

Iordan Iotzov is the Lead Databases at News America Marketing with more than fifteen years of database administration and development experience. He has a MS degree in Computer Science, holds numerous Oracle certifications, and has worked on complex database problems across various industries, providing original and effective solutions. Iordan has presented at RMOUG, Hotsos, NYOUG, and BrainSurface VirtaThon, frequently participates in OTN forums and actively blogs at http://iiotzov.wordpress.com/.


DEVELOPER TRACK: Who Moved My Cheese? Where Do I Find The Best Oracle Development Tool?

Unlike the Good Old Days when developers in the Oracle realm used Oracle Forms, the number of Oracle development tools has now grown to the point where it is natural to wonder which one to use. This presentation provides some guidelines for determining which Oracle development tool is best for your situation among the large crowd of: Application Development Framework (ADF), ADF Essentials, Application Express (APEX), Mobile Application Framework (MAF), PL/SQL Web Toolkit, Application Builder Cloud Service (ABCS), Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX), JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET), and, of course, Oracle Forms. In addition, the session will explain the role played by Alta UI and Oracle UX in developing applications with any tool.

Peter Koletzke has worked in the Oracle development arena for over thirty years. He is a former board member of NYOUG and IOUG, as well as a current Oracle ACE Director, and Oracle Certified Master. He has presented at user group conferences over 330 times and has won over a dozen Oracle user group awards including the NYOUG Technical Journal Editor’s choice (three times) as well as coauthored,with lumunaries such as Dr. Paul Dorsey, eight Oracle Press books about Oracle development tools such as the Oracle JDeveloper 11g Handbook.


DBA TRACK: The Power of the AWR Warehouse and Beyond

The Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4 is accompanied by the new AWR Warehouse feature, which allows you to automatically extract detailed performance data from your database targets and consolidate the data into a single location within the AWR Warehouse repository. The main source of data stored in the AWR Warehouse is derived from the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR), via AWR snapshots, letting you retain long-term history of AWR data from chosen EM12c database targets, enabling full historical analysis of AWR data across databases without impacting the source or user database. This presentation cover the power behind this incredible new feature, a full review of the architecture, ETL process and then onto what everyone who’s worked with AWR data really wants to know- What is the impact to the existing suite of AWR queries and how much can it really provide the business and the DBA when searching for answers.

Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman is a member of the Oak Table Network and was an Oracle ACE Director until joining Oracle as the Consulting Member for the Strategic Customer Program, a specialized group of Enterprise Manager Specialists. (see Keynote for full bio)


DBA TRACK2: Oracle 12c Virtual Clusterware for the Cloud Box

In a world of containers, virtual boxes (VMs), logical (LPARs) and physical partitions (PPARs), Software-Defined Networks (SDN) and other virtualization approaches, a real implementation of virtual platforms has not been accomplished for a specific purpose. Therefore, tuning a virtual machine to handle a production database is quite a specialized drill for Architects, DBAs, and even Developers. Likewise, attaining the goal of simulating an environment such as an engineered system in order to demonstrate application performance could be less expensive but somewhat surreal when attempting to measure its true workload. This presentation will discuss best practices for optimal Oracle12c Clusterware availability, performance, scalability, and reliability. The presentation will also describe how to coordinate strategies for Oracle12c stack management and cloud integration from a comprehensive and clear ITIL perspective and discuss methods and techniques to overcome installation and maintenance issues and prevent downtime.

Anthony D. Noriega is a Senior IT Consultant and computer scientist who has focused his efforts in Oracle database technology, network computing, software and network engineering, and object-oriented programming paradigms. Anthony spends most of his time as a database analyst, architect, and developer, and DBA. Anthony has earned his MS in Computer Science from NJIT (1992 PhD candidate through 1997), his MBA MIS from Montclair State University (2006), and a BS in Systems Engineering from Universidad del Norte (1987). He is an OCP-DBA, Sr. Oracle DBA/Developer, and a member of IOUG and NYOUG Oracle Users’ Group.