2016 Fall General Meeting – Presentations


2016 Fall General Meeting – Presentations

September 14, 2016

KEYNOTE: Transforming with Oracle Cloud

Providing quick turn-a-round on creating databases for development, QA and even possibly production is a promise of DBaaS. One way to help you get there is creating a Service Catalog. Having a catalog in place can reduce the time and effort to deploy new levels of service.

Nicholas Donatone
Nick Donatone has a solid background in Information Technology Management, with strong emphasis in Account Management and Team Building. He is experienced in handling major projects and skilled in building and managing strong teams for maximum use of people resources. He has worked with Oracle technology since version 4 of the database (1986) and has presented at OpenWorld, IOUG, PHLOUG, NYOUG, and NJOUG to name a few.

DBA TRACK: Smooth 12c Upgrades

There are many paths to take to upgrade a database to 12c, but once that is over, how is database performance ensured? This discussion will cover the methods used for our recent upgrades on two 75+ TB databases (plus two ADG databases). We will discuss capturing 11g SQL metrics with SQL Tuning Sets and methods and tools for analyzing and stabilizing 12c performance.

Andy Klock
Andy Klock has over 15 years of experience with engineering and development with Oracle database technologies. He was a technical team lead at Pythian and for the last few years has been at Enkitec (now AEG) working with Oracle engineered systems and other large databases. Andy Klock uses the scientific method to address all performance issues, plus he always checks his logs.

DEVELOPER TRACK: Hands-on-lab: Intro to Oracle JET

JavaScript-based, single-page applications (SPAs) are incredibly popular these days – and for good  reason. This style of application provides developers with a great deal of flexibility and control, while end users enjoy the responsiveness and speed that comes with fewer full-page reloads.
To assist developers working on SPAs, Oracle developed the JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET). Oracle JET is a collection of open-source JavaScript libraries, combined with a set of Oracle-contributed JavaScript libraries that make it as simple and efficient as possible to build applications that consume and interact with Oracle products and services.

Daniel McGhan
Dan McGhan is an Oracle Developer Advocate with a focus on JavaScript and HTML5. He started as a back-end database developer before he began working with front-end technologies to create web applications where he quickly developed a passion for JavaScript. These days he enjoys sharing his
passion for JavaScript, Node.js, and Oracle Database via his blog at https://jsao.io.

DBA TRACK: How can I Find My Data Security Blind Spots

We need to detect our increasing issue of data security blind spots. This includes Sensitive Data that was not found in our Data Discovery across databases and files in cloud and big data. We also need to detect failures of our deployed critical security control systems. Without formal and automated processes to detect and alert to new data discovery findings and critical security control failures as soon as possible, the window of time grows that allows attackers to identify a way to compromise the systems and steal sensitive data. This can also impact our real compliance posture and compliance to PCI DSS 3.2. This session will teach how to automatically detect and report on these data security blind spots.

Ulf Mattsson
Ulf is the Chief Technology Officer of Compliance Engineering. Ulf was the Chief Technology Officer and a founder of Protegrity. He invented the Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization, Data Type Preservation (DTP2) and created the initial architecture of Protegrity’s database security technology. Prior to Protegrity, Ulf worked 20 years at IBM in software development and in IBM’s Research organization, and he is an inventor of more than 25 patents in the areas of Encryption, Policy Driven Data Encryption, Internal Threat Protection, Data Usage Control and Intrusion Prevention.

DEVELOPER TRACK: Building Responsive Mobile Applications with Oracle Application Express 5.1

Oracle Application Express enables you to create responsive HTML5 apps for use on desktops and mobile devices. Oracle Application Express provides a choice of user interface themes to create an optimal user experience. The jQuery mobile-based theme lets you create fast and lightweight apps, optimized for use on smaller, touch-enabled screens, while the Universal Theme allows for creating great-looking apps that scale to
any device and screen size. This session explores the options for selecting the right UI approach for your project. Learn about new features in Oracle Application Express 5.1, how to use the Oracle JET-based charts on mobile devices, how your mobile apps can interface with RESTful web services, and how you can deploy your mobile apps using PhoneGap/Cordova.

Marc Sewtz
Marc Sewtz is a Senior Software Development Manager at Oracle Corporation in New York. With over eighteen years of industry experience, Marc held roles in Consulting, Sales and Product Development and manages a global team of Software Developers and Product Managers in the Oracle Application Express (APEX) development team, part of the Oracle Database Tools group.
Marc and his team are responsible for product features such as the Oracle Application Express User Interface and Theme infrastructure, Mobile development, Dynamic Actions, Reporting, Charting, Tabular Forms and PDF printing. Marc has a Master’s degree in computer science from the University of Applied Sciences in Wedel, Germany.

DBA TRACK: The next generation OLTP RDBMS – TimesTen Velocity Scale InMemory Database

Need a low latency, elastic scale out, shared nothing, distributed, highly available, simple to use RDBMS? Want a SQL interface with real ACID transactions? Learn about the BETA version of the next generation In-Memory RDBMS, TimesTen Velocity Scale Database.

Sam Drake
Sam is the Architect of the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database and the TimesTen Velocity Scale In-Memory Database. Sam was employee #6 at TimesTen. He has been with TimesTen for 20 years in a variety of roles as a developer, post-sales Consultant, as the TimesTen Product Manager and most recently as Architect. Prior to TimesTen and Oracle Sam worked at IBM Research for 11 years on a variety of distributed systems and storage
management projects, including early streaming media servers and distributed backup systems.

DEVELOPER TRACK: Developing an IoT Strategy for your Company – Where to Start?

Are you ready to build a vibrant IoT strategy for your company? In this session we’ll cover some tips and tricks, to make sure you really get this right. Clearly the Internet has undergone an enormous transformation, from being technology driven to being market and opportunity driven. So the decoupling of underlying connectivity technologies from the wonderful applications able to run on top of it have been a painful but really instrumental shift in unlocking what is now often referred as the digital or the third and fourth industrial revolution. Indeed, what is urgently needed here is this transformation. Starting a comprehensive IoT strategy for your company could be a great start!

Ziaul Mannan
A database specialist with over 18 years of experience including project management skills along with a commitment to excellent customer service., Zia enjoys designing and architecting systems in fast paced 24×7 environments. As Database Architect he oversaw development of critical financial and clinical systems at Yale New Haven Health System, Yale School of Medicine and Yale Medical Group. He continues to be involved in projects centered on clinical innovation and breakthroughs within these institutions. Clearly with emersion of big data, lot of his projects these days are around data analytics, data warehousing and data interchange.

DBA TRACK: Oracle Linux Container Update

Starting with Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (, Linux Containers are supported on Oracle Linux 7 and Oracle Linux 6 and certified on Linux x86-64 systems for both RAC and single-instance. The presentation gives technical details of building single-instance and RAC in LXC Linux containers as well as an overview of the current state of enterprise adoption of LXC Linux containers for data-heavy workloads such as Oracle RDBMS.

Gilbert Standen
Gilbert Standen is an Oracle DBA with over 20 years of experience. His blog https://sites.google.com/site/nandydandyoracle is a well-known resource in the LXC Linux container community for configuring database workloads to run in Linux containers. Gilbert is currently Principal Solution Architect at Robin Systems, Inc.

DEVELOPER TRACK: Oracle12c Redaction and Advanced Data Encryption for Robust IAM Regulatory Compliance

Oracle Redaction and Transparent Data Encryption are the most advanced features available in Oracle12c to guarantee optimal database security and data protection, by utilizing a combination of encryption standards and data retrieval methods and policies beyond SQL execution, which enable specialized administrators to fully condition access to private information, using encryption, row-level with either role-driven or label-driven algorithms, and data masking where appropriate and as intended through a database environment configured via supplied Oracle PL/SQL packages. This session will explain the mechanisms behind this Advance Security option and provide a few scenarios to demonstrate this
leading technology.

Anthony Noriega
Anthony D. Noriega is a systems engineer, computer scientist, OCP instructor and Adjunct Professor, who has focused his efforts in database technology, network computing, software engineering, and object-oriented programming paradigms. He blogs at http://noriegaaoracleexpert.blogspot.com. At ADN, he spends most of his time as a database analyst, architect, and developer, and DBA. He achieved an MS Computer Science from NJIT, where he was also a doctoral candidate in the field, an MBA from Montclair State University, and a BS in Systems Engineering from Universidad del Norte (Barranquilla, Colombia), and attained graduate credits from Rutgers University (Statistics) and CUNY GC (Mathematics). He has been a consultant for several financial and industry-leading American and European corporations. He is the author of Alma Mater I, poetry in three languages and El Retrato del Fantasma. He is working in the publication of his Oracle Cahiers.

DBA TRACK: Oracle RAC 12c: An insight into Oracle Flex ASM and its benefits

Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) is a well-known product among Oracle‚ solutions to maintain high availability of your business data. Oracle RAC allows the work load to be shared among all the cluster nodes, with N-1 tolerance configuration in case of node failures, where N is the total number of nodes. Oracle RAC is constantly improving on every version and this time was not different. The new version incorporates two properties called ‚Flex ASM‚ and ‚Flex Cluster‚ that gives support to the demand requirements on Cloud Computing oriented environments.

Venkata Ravi Kumar Yenugula
YV Ravi Kumar is an Oracle ACE and Oracle Certified Master (OCM) with 17 years of experience in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) vertical and played various roles like Senior Database Architect and Production DBA. He is also OCP in Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g,11g &12c and Certified in Golden Gate, RAC, Performance Tuning& Oracle Exadata. He continuously motivates many DBAs and helps the Oracle Community by publishing his
tips/ideas/suggestions/solutions in his blog. He has written 41 OTN articles on Oracle Exadata, Oracle RAC and Oracle Golden Gate for OTN-Spanish, OTNPortuguese and OTN-English and 17 articles for TOAD World, 2 Articles for UKOUG, 3 Articles for OTech Magazine and 2 Articles for Redgate. He is a member of the All India Oracle User Group (AIOUG) and a frequent Oracle speaker in @OTN, AIOUG, Sangam and IOUG. He designed, architected and implemented Core Banking System (CBS) Database for Central Banks of two countries – India & Mahe, Seychelles. He is a Co-Founder of OraWorld (www.oraworld.com). Learn more from his profile at LaserSoft.

DEVELOPER TRACK: Introduction to Consuming RESTful Web Services

An introduction to REST and how to consume RESTful Web Services. Implementation will be done using the Java programming language. Soap UI, a web service testing tool will be demoed. Other programming techniques will be shown to access APIs, such as using a data integration tool as opposed to hand-coding java classes to access APIs.

Suzanne Prezorski
Suzanne has over 20 years of technology experience, mostly centered on software application development, Enterprise Content Management Systems and data warehousing in the following industries: Marketing & Advertising, Supply Chain Systems, Government, and Publishing. She holds a Bachelor’s in Science in Computer Information Systems from Dowling College.