AAS Predictions Using Deep Learning Neural Networks With Sysmetric Data

NYOUG Webinar on May 24th, 2022 presented by Craig Shallahamer

Smooth database operations are hindered when unexpected performance incidents occur. What if we could predict an incident was likely to occur within the next 60 seconds? By using Oracle Sysmetric data with deep learning neural networks, this can be a reality.

This presentation will begin with recognizing patterns and how neural networks try to do the same. Then we’ll look at Sysmetric data, understanding and leveraging its time-series nature. Now we’re ready to understand why neural networks and deep learning are sought after in performance prediction. An Oracle Cloud-Free Tier or Gmail account is enough for a mind-blowing graphical demonstration of making real-time performance predictions. You can download the single file necessary to replicate my demonstration enabling you to tinker and explore! Once you get a glimpse of what is possible, a whole new world of performance monitoring and alerting will appear before you. Join me for a fascinating applied Machine Learning presentation for the Oracle DBA of the future.

Craig Shallahamer is an Applied AI Scientist, Viscosity North AmericaFounder, OraPub and Oracle ACE Director.

This event is co-hosted by the New York Oracle Users Group (www.nyoug.org) and Oracle Professional Services firm, Viscosity North America (www.viscosityna.com)

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