How To Quickly Set Up Your AWR Analysis To Highlight Your Best Solutions

Life is good, until the phone rings and it’s a performance issue. Most DBAs will immediately run an AWR or Statspack report. Usually, that’s a good start.But there is bad news. Most DBAs will also either stare at the report and freeze, start paging through looking for something, or post the report on a forum. Neither of these solutions is a career enhancing maneuver.Here’s the good news. In this presentation, I will teach you how to take an AWR report or a Statspack Report, extract only the information you need, build a diagnostic framework to expose the biggest tuning opportunities and then develop solutions that directly address them.This step-by-step process can be used on any Oracle version, architecture, configuration, cloud or on-premise. It’s fast, it works and it rocks! Join me as we explore how to quickly find solutions to the real performance problems.Presented by Craig Shallahamer, Applied AI Scientist, Viscosity North AmericaFounder, OraPub and Oracle ACE DirectorCraig is a long time Oracle DBA specializing in predictive analytics, machine learning and Oracle performance tuning. Craig is a researcher, blogger, consultant, author, an enthusiastic conference speaker, passionate teacher and an Oracle ACE Dir.This event is co-hosted by the New York Oracle Users Group ( and Oracle Professional Services firm, Viscosity North America (

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