Manage and Diagnose Cluster Health and Performance with GIMR

NYOUG Webinar on May 19, 2022 presented by Sean Scott

The Grid Infrastructure Management Repository, or GIMR, is a powerful tool for monitoring cluster health and performance. GIMR was, unfortunately, poorly received when introduced in Oracle Database 12c and developed a bit of a bad reputation. As a result, many DBAs don’t leverage GIMR and its related suite of diagnostics to their full potential. This session looks beyond the myths and mystery of GIMR, and casts new light on its features and functionality.

Topics covered:

GIMR, the MGMT database, and Cluster Health Advisor (CHA) overview

  • Best practices and recommendations for managing the GIMR environment
  • Differences and advantages of CHA’s “normality model” over threshold-based alerts
  • Creating and calibrating cluster performance models to address KPIs and temporal variations
  • Understanding and acting on cluster performance alerts and recommendations Identifying and addressing common issues

Sean Scott is Managing Principal Consultant with Viscosity North America

This event is co-hosted by the New York Oracle Users Group ( and Oracle Professional Services firm, Viscosity North America (

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