2013 Winter General Meeting – Presentations

NYOUG 2013 Winter General Meeting – Presentations

Tuesday December 17, 2013

Sponsored by Dell Software, datAvail & Axxana






KEYNOTE: Oracle Database 12c: Engineered for Clouds and Big Data



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Oracle Database 12c introduced a new multi-tenant architecture and a range of features that can help customers simplify database consolidation in the cloud, deliver database as a service, integrate big data into enterprise data warehouses, and derive greater efficiencies and cost savings with engineered systems. This roadmap session will discuss the latest developments from Oracle Database Server Technologies, see Oracle Database 12c in action, and get a preview of what’s on the database horizon.

Willie Hardie is responsible for Oracle Database product management, focusing on growing Oracle’s business in the global database, data warehousing, and embedded database markets. His areas of expertise includes Oracle Database and Oracle Exadata as well as Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle In-Memory Database Cache, Oracle Advanced Compression, and other key Oracle Database options. Mr. Hardie has been in IT for more than 25 years and has specialized in relational database technologies for more than 20 years. Originally from Edinburgh in Scotland, he has worked with Oracle Database since Release 5.

DBA TRACK: New Database Replication and Data Integration with Hadoop and BI


This presentation discusses a solution that ensures business continuity while meeting your database operational goals. It provides a real-time copy of production data without impacting your OLTP system’s performance and availability. Attendees will learn how to:

• Enable near real-time log-based replication of Oracle tables to Hadoop HDFS, HBase, and Hive environments

• Achieve database operational goals without affecting system performance and business continuity

• Improve decision making with fast, simplified, up-to-date data integration

This session provides insight on how you can improve the process, with continuous replication of changes from an Oracle database to a Hadoop cluster, maintaining real-time or near real-time images of the source tables for all your data analytics needs. In this insight-packed session, you’ll discover how to simplify your work with impact-free Oracle database to Hadoop replication and near real-time data integration.

Jeffrey Surretsky is a Database Systems Consultant for Dell Software (formerly Quest Software) for over 13 years where he has focused on Database Performance, Optimization, Monitoring and Replication. Previous to that, he was a Database Administrator after having held other IT roles. Jeffrey graduated from Rutgers with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Science and a Master’s Degree in Management of Information Systems from Fairleigh Dickinson University.


Top 10 Oracle SQL Developer Tips & Tricks


More than two and a half million people use Oracle SQL Developer, but how many of them are really getting the most out of the tool? Oracle SQL Developer’s primary purpose is to save developers and DBAs time and energy without getting in their way. In this interactive session, see the most popular features and productivity tips that the SQL Developer Product Management has accumulated. All attendees are guaranteed to pick up two or three new techniques that will improve their Oracle Database experience.

Marc Sewtz is a Senior Software Development Manager for Oracle Application Express (APEX) in the Database Tools Group. Marc has 18 years of industry experience, including roles in Consulting, Sales, and Product Development. Marc joined Oracle in 1998, works in New York City and manages a global team of APEX developers and product managers. Marc and his team are responsible for product features such as Mobile Development, User Interface Design, Oracle Forms conversion, Reporting, Tabular Forms, PDF printing and the integration with BI Publisher. Marc has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences in Wedel, Germany.

DBA TRACK: An Introduction to New Features in Oracle 12c


As a former Oracle employee, Earl was able to learn about Oracle DB 12 starting in 2012. He attended a formal week-long class, as well as over 10 seminars, webinars, and briefings. In that time, Earl learned about the new features, improved features, and the ground-breaking new multi-tenant architecture and how that will change Oracle DBA work going forward. This presentation will cover 12c new features in the areas of DBA work, RMAN, Data Guard, RAC, ASM and more

Earl Shaffer is a 20+ year veteran of Oracle technology. He started with Oracle v5.1 in 1988. He has worked with, and upgraded to versions 6.0, 7, 8, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, and now 12c.Earl has presented papers at local, regional, national, and international conferences. He has also been in the executive team of regional and local Oracle User Groups.

DEVELOPER TRACK: Hitchhiker’s Guide to Xquery with Oracle Database 11g & SQL Developer


XQuery has been around for a few short years. In that time, it has grown to become the standard for querying and shredding XML documents. Embedded in its syntax comes strange notation that usually presents an obstacle to first-time users of XQuery. Additionally, many of its features that are important to use may be overlooked. This session presents the fundamentals of XQuery using basic examples of XMLQUERY and XMLTABLE. Demonstrations using Oracle 11g and Oracle SQL Developer will be used to reinforce the session examples.

Coleman Leviter, OCP is employed as an IT Software Systems Engineer at Arrow Electronics. He has presented at IOUG’s Collaborate and at Oracle Open World. He is the NYOUG Web SIG chairperson on the NYOUG Steering Committee. His articles have been published in Select Journal, IOUG Tips and Best Practices, and the OTDUG Journal. He has worked in the financial services industry and the aerospace industry where he developed Navigation, Flight Control and Reconnaissance software for the F-14D Tomcat. Additionally, Coleman is on the Board of Directors at the ioug.org. He may be contacted at cleviter@ieee.org

DBA TRACK: All the Leaves Aren’t Brown –

Many Ways to Profile Your Application Code


Finding improvements in your Client Side JavaScript, Java or .Net code is often easier said than done. Managing application performance problems due to memory leaks, poor coding habits, superfluous library usage, detecting deadlocks, measuring memory usage, and garbage collection frequency are activities often left to the DBA and System Administrators. Do we concern ourselves with the stability of the JVM on a user’s computer or just the application server? Does it really make a difference what web browser the user chose to use that day? How do we know how the difference between a locked thread and a locked database object even though they seem to look the same from the users perspective? Attendees should expect to leave this presentation with an overview and introduction to several different methods of profiling application code. Chuck will cover free utilities and off-the- shelf products that are easily implemented as well as demonstrate the pros and cons of each. The session will end with a discussion and Q/A on best approaches that work for different tools in different environments.

With over 18 years of experience, Chuck Ezell supports some of the world’s largest retailers with database performance tuning for their internal applications. Chuck helps Datavail locate and eliminate bottlenecks in database administration, while uncovering opportunities to improve performance. He excels at optimizing and customizing EBS systems. Chuck works with Java, SQL, .NET, and other languages on systems by Oracle, HP, IBM, among others. He uses AppDynamics, Splunk and Visual VM, along with other tools, for database tuning operations.

APEX Unplugged


In Oracle Application Express 4.2, new features give developers the ability to easily create mobile Web applications that look like native mobile applications. But with new capabilities come new challenges. One such challenge with which developers must contend is that mobile devices often lose their Internet connections where signals are weak. Is there anything developers can do to prevent the loss of Internet from rendering mobile application built with Oracle Application Express useless? The short answer is yes thanks to several new technologies that have emerged to tackle this common problem. This session will discuss these exciting new technologies and how they can be utilized in Oracle Application Express applications.

Dan McGhan is Senior Technical Consultant at Enkitec who recently moved to NYC. He is an Oracle Application Express Certified Expert, an Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate, as well as an Oracle ACE. In addition to his “day job”, he is one of the top contributors to the APEX forum, maintains his own Oracle and APEX blog at danielmcghan.us, and is a regular presenter at various events and user group meetings including Oracle OpenWorld and ODTUG’s Kscope & APEXposed.

Database Discussion Panel:

Making Round-the-Clock Database Support Work

Without Losing Sleep – PANEL DISCUSSION


This session brings together three Oracle Database Administrators from a Fortune 500 company who team together to manage the databases 24×7 for a data-intensive company. The team will discuss the best practices, communications and processes they follow to have a truly seamless, “follow the sun” support of major databases, enhancing the uptime, availability and performance of the databases. They will share examples of how they are able to more effectively and efficiently support their company’s databases, using both planned and ad-hoc communications, knowledge sharing, escalation and education processes, and reporting tools.

Keenan Phelan is Executive Vice President of Global Services at datAvail, an IT leader in database administration as a managed service. Prior to joining datAvail, Keenan led the Operations and Technical Presales team at CIBER-ITO and has held a number of Vice President and Director-level technical, sales and operations roles with IT consulting firms with a focus on the banking and financial sector. Keenan is an accomplished leader, has authored dozens of technical and organizational analysis documents and routinely presents at major conferences.


Mike Vergato – Director Oracle Architecture, Oracle Integration Oracle Database Administration, Arrow

Chuck Ezell, Oracle DBA and Applications Tuner, Datavail

Chad Cleveland, Oracle Database Administrator, Datavail

Krishna Rote, Senior DBA Tier 3 – Datavail (by video in India)