NYOUG 2017 Winter General Meeting: Real World DBA Best Practices

Real World DBA Best Practices

Learn some of the tips and techniques of successfully managing a database infrastructure in the real world from someone who has been a DBA for 22 years and counting. Each recommendation is explained with justification and how it works. Some examples – install patches in a different Oracle Home, enable simple auditing, RMAN validate and restore preview, prefer pfile over spfile and many others.
  1. Develop an arsenal of tools for use in any database infrastructure
  2. Debunk some of the widely accepted theories on best practices
  3. Learn the tips and techniques for managing the database from a practical context
Arup Nanda has been an Oracle DBA for over 20 years with experience spanning all aspects from Modeling to performance tuning and Exadata. He delivered more than 400 sessions worldwide, has authored about 500 articles, 6 books, blogs at arup.blogspot.com and mentors new and seasoned DBAs. He won Oracle’s DBA of the Year in 2003, Enterprise Architect of the Year in 2012, is an ACE Director and a member of Oak Table Network.