NYOUG 2018 Fall General Meeting: Next Generation Data Protection and Security for Oracle users: The Blockchain Advantage

NYOUG 2018 Fall General Meeting:  Next Generation Data Protection and Security for Oracle users: The Blockchain Advantage

You will learn how blockchain is applicable to securing PII (Personally Identifiable Information), PCI data and Healthcare data in Oracle. You will learn about compliance for PII, PCI and Healthcare data impact Oracle blockchain users. You will learn if deleting the Oracle data encryption key would be GDPR compliant. You will learn the pros and cons of utilizing Tokenization vs encryption for Oracle blockchain data.
You will learn if we are dealing with very sensitive PII data; would a private Oracle blockchain. be more secure, manageable and presents a much smaller attack surface. You will learn if there is a material difference in the use of block chaining IoT solutions in different industries and if so what is the compliance and privacy implications for Oracle users. You will learn how Oracle blockchain can minimize a ransomware attack. You will learn how the Estonia country in Europe is the future model for utilizing blockchain to prevent nation state attacks on Oracle data. You will learn how to be GDPR compliant managing some of the data outside of the Oracle blockchain.

Ulf Mattsson

Ulf is the Head of Innovation at TokenEx, previously Chief Technology Officer at Atlantic BT, and earlier CTO at Compliance Engineering. Ulf was the CTO and a founder of Protegrity Technology. He invented the Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization, Data Type Preservation (DTP2) and created the initial architecture of Protegrity’s database security technology. Prior to Protegrity, Ulf worked 20 years at IBM in software development and in IBM’s Research organization, in the areas of IT Architecture and Security.