The Future World Enters Twilight Zone

NYOUG Webinar on July 18, 2023 presented by Rich Niemiec

Technology continues to advance at a blistering exponential pace. This quick tip session will show you what this means to your company and your job of the future. We’ll look at how close we are to the Twilight Zone and things that Rod Serling predicted for the 2000-2010 timeframe. See some of the major advances that are being driven with Machine Learning, Robotics, and increased data with Big Data & IOT.

This presentation will touch on specific algorithms inside Oracle that can help advance your company through innovation to solve Business Problems.

We will briefly examine algorithms, including: Classification, Regression, Clustering, Anomaly Detection, Time Series, Attribute Importance, Association, Feature Extraction, and Text Mining. We’ll also see those that will be driven by the hardware acceleration that Oracle is causing. Oracle products are all starting to leverage AI/ML! Knowing when/where to leverage these advancements may be the difference between success & failure in the future. We’ll see the state of advances in AI & ML and how you can test and use this technology to create the future. You just entered the Twilight Zone!

Rich Niemiec is the current Chief Innovation Officer of Viscosity North America. Rich is an Oracle ACE Director, a world renowned IT Expert, and was a co-founder and the CEO of TUSC, a Chicago-based systems integrator of Oracle-based business solutions started in 1988. Rich has served as President of Rolta TUSC and Rolta EICT.

This event is co-hosted by the New York Oracle Users Group ( and Oracle Professional Services firm, Viscosity North America (

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