2012 June General Meeting Presentations

June 2012 General Meeting

KEYNOTE:  Exadata: A Critical Review

This presentation provides a critical review of the Exadata platform covering the strengths and weaknesses of the
Exadata system and its software. The special Exadata features are discussed including when they can and can’t be
used. The Exadata is also compared to a COTS based system that is less expensive and more powerful.

Mike Ault has been working with Oracle since 1990. Mike has written or co-written over 24 books on Oracle
technology as well as dozens of articles and presentations. Mike is a frequent presenter at international, national and
regional conferences.


DBA TRACK:  New Enterprise Manager 12c Database Management Features

This session will focus on advanced database performance analysis techniques and describe recently introduced
features for Exadata management and monitoring. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c has many new database
management features for the advanced DBA. Mughees will discuss new key features that help maximize database
performance, enable smart capacity planning, improve data security, and provide the basis for smart and effective
database administration.

Mughees Minhas is responsible for all aspects of product management relating to database, systems and quality
management solutions at Oracle Corporation. He has more than 17 years of experience working with Oracle
products with special interests in the areas of application testing and quality, performance diagnostics and tuning,
and SQL optimization. Mughees is a frequent speaker at various Oracle forums and has authored several papers on
the internal workings and usage best practices of a wide variety of Oracle technologies. Mughees holds an
undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Washington University and an MBA from Columbia Business
School. He is currently senior director of product management in Oracle’s Server Technologies division.


DBA TRACK:  Validating Your I/O System: Coming Out of the Black Box

This presentation covers the techniques used to validate your I/O subsystem for IOPS, bandwidth and latency to provide a fingerprint that can then be used to check new systems for improvement or change.

Mike Ault has been working with Oracle since 1990. Mike has written or co-written over 24 books on Oracle technology as well as dozens of articles and presentations. Mike is a frequent presenter at international, national and regional conferences.


DBA TRACK:  The Essentials of Data Discovery: Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

Participants will learn why data discovery has become a recommended best practice by analysts and industry leaders to help ensure data quality and governance. They will also learn best practices to execute data discovery projects and how to evaluate solutions, whether vendor-built or internally-built, for discovery. Data Discovery is of fundamental importance to a wide range of projects, including business intelligence, data integration through master data management, data governance, and data archiving. This session explains what data discovery is, and why it has become such an important technology for organizations implementing enterprise data governance and data management strategies. Dhan will review the requirements for data discovery software and how data discovery technology should fit within the suite of tools needed to govern and manage data across your enterprise, regardless of where it is located.

Dhan Patel is a Sr. TPM within IBM’s Software Group, specializing in data management for Oracle applications. He has spoken at numerous Oracle, OAUG, Quest International and IOUG events including Oracle OpenWorld, Collaborate and others. He has over a decade of experience in working with Oracle users to help optimize the management of their data.


DBA TRACK:  Under the Hood of Oracle ASM: Fallibility Analysis

Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) has introduced a new concept of mirroring that is implemented differently than in any known RAID levels. So what happens when not one but two or more disks fail? Is such situation a hypothetical and highly unlikely? This session will help attendees to evaluate the data loss risks and adopt the best ASM configuration according to their risk profile. For a better understanding of ASM reliability features, Alex will peek under the hood of ASM and provide live demos simulating ASM disk failures and ASM handling of such failures.

Alex Gorbachev is an Oracle ACE Director and member of OakTable Network. Alex is sought after speaker at the user conferences around the world. Currently Alex is the CTO at Pythian and the search for the perfect fit between technology, engineering talents and business is what keeps him up at night.


DEVELOPER TRACK: Dynamic SQL in the 11g World

Dynamic SQL is one of the most critical tools in the developer’s toolbox. It empowers well-written systems to
rapidly realign with the real world. In addition to the core elements required to properly utilize Dynamic SQL, this
presentation focuses on effective and appropriate usage of all 11g additions to the PL/SQL language (in conjunction
with other advanced features such as object types, collections, large objects etc). Real-life examples are used as
illustrations for all key points.

Michael Rosenblum is a Software Architect/Development DBA at Dulcian, Inc. where he is responsible for system
tuning and application architecture. Michael supports Dulcian developers by writing complex PL/SQL routines and
researching new features. He is the co-author of PL/SQL for Dummies (Wiley Press, 2006), contributing author of
Expert PL/SQL Practices (APress, 2011), and author of a number of database-related articles (IOUG Select Journal,
ODTUG Tech Journal) and conference papers. Michael is an Oracle ACE, a frequent presenter at various Oracle
user group conferences (Oracle OpenWorld, ODTUG, IOUG Collaborate, RMOUG, NYOUG, etc), and winner of
the ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2009 Best Speaker Award. In his native Ukraine, he received the scholarship of the
president of Ukraine, a Master of Science degree in Information Systems, and a diploma with honors from the Kiev
National University of Economics.


DEVELOPER TRACK:  Do-It-Yourself Data Migration

Data profiling tools are expensive and provide little value beyond what you could be written in a day. ETL tools are complex, VERY expensive and built to support extremely complex migration environments. Data migration is the hidden nightmare of a project. Incorrectly managed, data migration can consume more resources than development. This presentation provides a roadmap for data migration, from data profiling to final loading and incremental data updates. Several projects that had to move hundreds GBs of information will be discussed. A simple mapping repository that was used to generate 100% of all mapping code will also be demonstrated.

Dr. Paul Dorsey is president of Dulcian, Inc. an Oracle consulting firm specializing in business rules and web-based application development and chief architect of Dulcian’s BRIM® tool. Paul co-authored 7 Oracle Press books on JDeveloper, UML Modeling, and Oracle database tools as well as PL/SQL For Dummies. He is an Oracle Ace, past IOUG and ODTUG volunteer of the year and an Oracle 9i Certified Master. Dr. Dorsey’s submission of a Survey Generator built to collect data for The Preeclampsia Foundation was the winner of the 2007 Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer Challenge and Oracle selected him as the 2007 PL/SQL Developer of the Year.


DEVELOPER TRACK:  Building Web Data Dashboard Without Coding

Learn how to build an enticing data dashboard rich in features utilizing Oracle ADF Data Visualization Components. Spice up your applications with graphs, maps, gauges and more to help your customer understand the data in their database. See how you can get from data in the database to a full blown Web-based dashboard in less than 45 minutes of development in this live development demo-driven session. See how Oracle ADF Faces helps you create astonishing UIs with visual and declarative development.

Juan Camilo Ruiz is Principal Product Manager in the Oracle Development Tools organization for JDeveloper/ADF. Mr Ruiz specializes in rich internet applications development, Oracle ADF and integration of Oracle ADF with the rest of the Fusion Middleware stack. Mr Ruiz is frequent Oracle speaker at user group events, Oracle events, and IT conferences. He joined Oracle in 2006 working as a solutions architect for Oracle Partners and SI in Latin America. He graduated from Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia.