2012 March General Meeting Presentations

March 2012 General Meeting

  • Keynote

  • DBA Track

  • Development Track

KEYNOTE:  Select Success

This presentation will provide a glimpse into the only NYC High School offering Oracle Academy class work. Students have the opportunity to complete their OCA in PL/SQL during their last two years of the program. Andrew will describe the Career Academy movement, projects that the students are working on, and the current Oracle Academy offerings. Finally an interactive discussion will identify which database skills are critical for success in business, and developing ideas for authentic classroom experiences.

Andrew Woodbridge has been teaching in the Academy of Information Technology at Grover Cleveland High school in Ridgewood, Queens for the past eight years. This is his fifth year as an Oracle Academy Instructor. Andrew is a leader in project based learning and instructional technology in the classroom. His recent research on Integrating Culture in to STEM appeared in ACMs: Transaction on Computing Education.


DBA TRACK:  Exadata Demystified

Exadata is super fast; but what is the science behind the speed? In this session, attendees will learn exactly what is different from a traditional Oracle database that adds to the performance gains. This presentation will also discuss the components of the rack that need management from teams with different skills what new information is needed for a DBA to become a Database Machine Administrator. All concepts will be presented using the backdrop of the author’s real world experiences in implementing and maintaining Exadata systems.

Arup Nanda is the principal global database architect at Starwood Hotels supervising database architecture, strategy and deployments all over the world. He is a frequent speaker having delivered about 200 sessions all over the world, written about 300 articles, coauthored four books, teaches advanced technical courses and blogs aarup.blogspot.com. In 2003, he was named Oracle’s DBA of the Year. He is an Oracle ACE Director and a member of the Oak Table Network.


DBA TRACK:  The SQLTXPLAIN Utility – Everything You Wanted To Know About Your Query

The SQLTXPLAIN utility was introduced in Oracle 10gR2 as a supplement to the Oracle Tuning Pack. The SQLTXPLAIN utility is separately downloaded and installed into the target database and invoked while SQL “of interest” is running. The utility performs a comprehensive analysis of the running statement (or set of statements) and everything related to them, from execution plans evaluated, to initialization parameters, to intimate detail of tables and indexes involved in the query. The results of this analysis are output in a nicely formatted HTML report. This presentation describes a real world sample of this report and how it is useful. In particular, the recommendations section of the report and how to implement the recommendations for all users or selected users through the use of SQL profiles is discussed.

Kevin Gilpin is an Oracle 10g OCP Certified DBA. Kevin has been a DBA for 16 years and has been working for TUSC for the last 11 years.



This presentation gives a detailed view of SQL tuning including SQL Profiles, SQL Plan Baselines, Outlines, Statistics, manual tuning, and common pitfalls. The goal of the session is to demonstrate new and proven techniques. Also, the session accounts for new features so that a SQL statement can be quickly and properly tuned. The presentation uses practical logic rather than an analytical approach in quickly narrowing down problems – which renders better results that are quicker to implement and easier to master.

Frank Bommarito is Co-Founder and Chief Services Officer for DBAK and is widely recognized as a thought leader and expert in designing, delivering, tuning, and troubleshooting advanced technology, large-scale, highly complex systems using Oracle technology. With more than twenty-five years of Oracle-based experience covering the Oracle Database, Oracle Applications, Oracle Application Server, and Oracle’s development tools, Frank has a broad-based and comprehensive view of Oracle products and technologies. Frank is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer information systems from Ferris State University.


DEVELOPER TRACK: MySQL in the Oracle Ecosystem

This presentation discusses how the MySQL database and associated tools work alongside and in a typical 11g environment.

Philip Antoniades has worked with MySQL since 1999, and joined MySQL AB in 2003 as their first Consultant and Sales Engineer. He currently heads the WW Sales Consulting team for MySQL within Oracle.


DEVELOPER TRACK:  ADF Patterns for Forms Conversions

This presentation outlines the use of 11g ADF Faces, ADF Business Components and JDeveloper as a target platform for conversions from Oracle Forms and some of the patterns that can be adopted in performing such a modernization. ADF 11g was built with Form Developers in mind and can accommodate the functionality in forms but often in a slightly different way. Robert will examine some of the more common patterns in Forms and what some best practice approaches are with ADF 11g.

Robert Nocera is the CTO and co-founder of NEOS and Vgo Software. He is tasked with driving technology direction for the companies modernization solutions, but has also developed a key, focused, understanding of Oracle Fusion Middleware and ADF v11 in particular. Robert is deeply skilled in all Java related technologies/languages. He has over twenty years of IT experience and is the author of the www.java-hair.com blog.


DEVELOPER TRACK:  The Tie That Binds: An Introduction to ADF Bindings

Normally, connecting database data to the user interface of a web application requires some work. Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) provides a feature called ADF Bindings that you can use to accomplish this task. ADF Bindings is part of the ADF Model layer, which is recognized as the most innovative and remarkable technology in the ADF stack. This presentation briefly reviews where ADF Model (ADFm) fits in ADF development and how one of its components, ADF Bindings, allows you to quickly connect components from a user interface library such as ADF Faces Rich Client to business services such as ADF Business Components. The presentation provides details and shows examples of how ADF bindings work; how to automatically bind data elements to visual elements; what types of bindings are available; and where binding code appears. It also explains the basics of the expression language used to bind Model layer components to View layer components.

Peter Koletzke is a technical director and principal instructor for Quovera, in Mountain View, California, and has over 27 years of industry experience. Peter has presented at various Oracle users group conferences more than 300 times and has won over a dozen Oracle user-group awards including NYOUG Editor’s Choice (three times). He is an Oracle Certified Master and Oracle ACE Director as well as co-author of eight Oracle Press books about Oracle development tools.


DEVELOPER TRACK:  Maximize the ROI of Your Oracle Investment Utilizing APEX

This presentation demonstrates how APEX can be used to significantly reduce the overall cost of application development, improve time to market and maximize existing investment in Oracle technologies and skills within your organization. We will review the overall technology architecture of APEX and provide a comparison with other development technologies.

Kashyap Shukla is Principal Consultant at Mauli Systems, Inc., providing independent Oracle and Microsoft consulting services in the north-east region. He is an Oracle Certified Professional with 30 years of IT experience as a data architect, systems architect, developer and DBA. He has a successful track record with architecting and implementing large scale, complex solutions for numerous global fortune 500 companies spanning Data Warehousing, BI, custom and 3rd party System Integration, software development, system conversion and upgrade projects. In addition, he is author of commercial software products, including the registered Copyright Software “MSI Data Certification System”. He can be contacted by email at kashyap_shukla@mauli.com.