Grabbing Live Wires: Plotting Our EV Future with APEX, GeoSpatial, and ML Analytics

NYOUG Webinar on March 28, 2023 presented by Jim Czuprynski

This session will take a look at new realities that Smart Cities and the coming re-electrification movement will bring to our world as we transition to EVs. I’ll show how Oracle technology – including Oracle Spatial tools, ML, Analytics, and APEX – can be deployed to determine optimal placement of charging stations based on publicly-available data to ML machine learning algorithms and analytics to figure out which types of charging stations should be placed optimally to benefit current and future EV owners.

This session will show how to: – Create Oracle Spatial Studio and APEX Native Map regions to build complex maps – Use built-in Oracle Spatial tools to calculate optimal geospatial distribution – Use Oracle ML and Analytics to evaluate best case scenarios for charger locations

Jim Czuprynski is an Oracle ACE Director / ODTUG Board Member / Database Community Lead / TechCeleration Editor. He is President and Senior Consultant with Zero Defect Computing Co.

This event is co-hosted by the New York Oracle Users Group ( and Oracle Professional Services firm, Viscosity North America (

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