NYOUG 2017 Fall General Meeting: Infrastructure as Code for Oracle DBAs

Infrastructure as Code for Oracle DBAs

With the pivot to Cloud Computing DBAs will need to pivot their skills just as we did when we left behind Client-Server for n-Tier with application servers and web servers. This pivot won’t eliminate DBA jobs any more than the last one did but it will modify the required skills. This technical session will focus on the effect DevOps and Infrastructure as Code will bring to our profession.

Daniel Morgan
Oracle ACE Director Alumni Daniel Morgan has been an Oracle DBA for almost 30 years. Morgan is a frequent speaker at Oracle conferences worldwide and has previously spoken at NYOUG conferences. He currently focuses on preparing for Oracle Database version 18 (not a mistake) and the changes coming to the database and DBAs with the industry pivot to cloud computing. In addition to his Oracle consulting Morgan was the author of the Oracle curriculum at the University of Washington and the curriculum’s primary instructor from 1998 through 2009.