NYOUG 2018 Summer General Meeting: Why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is built for the Enterprise

Why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is built for the Enterprise

Oracle has built the next generation of cloud infrastructure after researching existing public cloud platforms and seeking input from their existing enterprise customers. They have retained the benefits of first generation IaaS like the ability to add capacity in minutes and to only pay for the computing resources you need, and they’ve added features like dedicated hardware and Clos networks to minimize latency making it the enterprise cloud with performance as the key goal. They have built ground up data centers with flat non-blocking network in a software defined data center providing the best of class performance. The second generation or modern cloud infrastructure from Oracle has the following capabilities:

  • Deploy bare metal servers in minutes
  • Raw server performance without the hypervisor overhead
  • Pay for what you use
  • Integrated compute, storage, and database services in a low-latency private network
  • Enterprise-level governance
  • High availability for traditional and modern applications
  • All features usable via console or API. In this presentation we are going to talk about what makes the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure the “Enterprise Cloud”

Wilfrido Solano
Cloud Adoption evangelist, Information Technology executive, with over 18 years of experience in managing teams, budgets and large/complex projects. Currently helping customers with their Cloud Migration initiatives.

Strong understanding of technology as a competitive advantage and a business enabler. Speaker at NYOUG (New York Oracle User Group) and NEAOUG (New England Applications Oracle User Group). Currently helping Oracle with their Lift and Shift campaign co-presenting in 12 cities across the US.