NYOUG 2018 Summer General Meeting: A Smart Grid for Enterprise Data

A Smart Grid for Enterprise Data

This talk presents the architecture of Griddable.io’s smart grid for synchronized data integration. Smart transaction grids are a novel concept aimed at building and operating highly available and scalable infrastructure for synchronized data integration between various data sources and destinations for hybrid cloud environments. Griddable.io architecture is based on DataBus, a change data capture system developed, used in production and open sourced by LinkedIn. DataBus was created to enable a number of scenarios for synchronization between the source – of – truth databases and target databases for external index maintenance, cache invalidation, read scaling, Hadoop ingest and others. Griddable.io has added significant innovation around data policies, selective data synchronization, centralized management, extensibility and cloud support. This talk describes synchronized data integration use cases, the design philosophies and a detailed architecture deep-dive of Griddable.io’s smart grid.

Rajeev Bharadhwaj
Rajeev Bharadhwaj is a founder and VP of Technology and Operations at Griddable.io. Rajeev Bharadhwaj is a serial entrepreneur who created three startups – Ejasent (sold to Veritas), Aryaka Networks (private company on an IPO path) and now Griddable.io. Using his background in Databases and Operating Systems, he created products and companies that introduced new concepts like application virtualization, cloud overlay WAN networking and now policy-based abstraction of data from databases. In addition, he has served several executive roles at large companies like HP, Veritas, Symantec, Oracle and HaL. Prior to founding Griddable.io, he was VP of Engineering for HP’s cloud & NFV offerings based on Openstack.