NYOUG 2018 Summer General Meeting: Using AI-powered Analytics in Oracle DB 12c for automatic Image Recognition

Using AI-powered Analytics in Oracle DB 12c for automatic Image Recognition

This talk presents how AI powered analytics can be used for automatic Image Recognition. It explains how Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms can be used to automate Feature Extraction, Feature Selection, and Feature Engineering to discern Feature Recognition. It highlights how this can be done inside of Oracle DB 12c to leverage the speed, reliability, and scalability of the database. A real world use case is described to explain the same.

Lakshman Bulusu

Lakshman Bulusu has 25 years of experience in using Oracle and its related technologies through version 12c. He has authored 9 books starting from Oracle Developer Suite to PL/SQL to BI and Open Source BI.
He has presented at various national and international conferences like NYOUG Summer General Meeting 2017, NJOUG June 2017, Piscataway Data Science Meetup June 2017, Data Summit 2014, OAUG Connect – EPM/BI 2011, IOUG – Collaborate, VOUG, and ECO Oracle Conference; and contributed a host of technical articles for magazines/journals like Oracle Professional, SELECT Journal of IOUG, ODTUG Technical Journal etc.