NYOUG 2018 Winter Meeting: Implementing a Robust Oracle12c Multitenant BR/DR Strategy with RMAN

Implementing a Robust Oracle12c Multitenant BR/DR Strategy with RMAN

This session presents an in-depth approach to BR/DR operations using a dynamic model to back up and recovery (BR) and disaster recovery (DR) operations applicable to Oracle12c Multitenant standalone and the high-availability cluster environments, involving full, incremental, and cumulative incremental backups, with extension to database cloning for high-availability, backup tagging and encoding for further granularity, such as but not limited to, block-level recovery, backup and restore scripting, and backup validation among others, while engineering a comprehensive CDB and PDB backup. The core focus is solely on establishing a dynamic backup capable of dynamically implementing and executing full database backup, incremental level 1, and cumulative incremental level 1 backups, with custom auto-drop job instantiating or job chains, and will extend its coverage to cloning for high-availability, disaster recovery topics such as RMAN database backup tagging, and various other topics of high-value for a complete corporate backup and recovery paradigm. This strategy will also reveal the significance of private encoding, tagging, and encryption with RMAN, not only to ensure the confidentiality of the backup, but to commit to the highest level of data privacy and security as well.

Anthony D. Noriega

Anthony D. Noriega is a systems engineer and computer scientist who has focused his career in database technology, network computing, software engineering, and object-oriented programming paradigms, as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence. He blogs at http://noriegaaoracleexpert.blogspot.com. Anthony spends most of his time as a database analyst, architect, and developer, and DBA. Anthony holds an MS Computer Science from NJIT, where he was also a doctoral candidate in the field, an MBA from Montclair State University, and a BS in Systems Engineering from Universidad del Norte (Barranquilla, Colombia), and attained graduate credits from Rutgers University (Statistics) and CUNY GC (Mathematics). He is frequently attendee at Columbia University research math and probability seminars. He has been a consultant for several financial and industry-leading American and European corporations.