NYOUG 2018 Winter Meeting: Liquibase – Open Source version control for your database

Liquibase – Open Source version control for your database

It is generally accepted that you should always use proper version control when developing software. Shouldn’t you do the same with your database changes? Especially as part of a DevOps strategy. Evolving your database Schema using SQL scripts gets complex fast. In this talk Blaine will discuss using a schema migration tool called Liquibase; a database independent, open source tool for managing database changes. Blaine will demonstrate some of the major features of Liquibase including how to extract your current schema into Liquibase, make changes and roll them back. You will come away from this session with a better understanding of Liquibase specifically and the value of using a schema migration tool as part your CI/CD strategy.

Blaine Carter

Blaine Carter is the Oracle developer advocate for open source. He applies his exploratory eye and tinkering inclinations to the intersection of open source and Oracle Database. He helps database developers improve their workflow using open source tools and promotes the use of open source inside and outside of Oracle. Blaine is a firm believer in learning by doing, failing, figuring it out and then sharing.