NYOUG 2018 Winter Meeting: Oracle SQL Developer Tips & Tricks

Oracle SQL Developer Tips & Tricks

An interactive session, the SQL Developer product manager will show you how to take advantage of your IDE and database GUI – features, preferences, ‘tricks’ – with live demo and your questions. This session will really change the way you use the tool on a day to day basis and will save you time and maybe even start to have a bit of fun with your SQL and data.

Jeff Smith
I have a dry sense of humor. If you can’t tell if I am joking or not, then assume I am joking. I have worked for independent software vendors since 1999. For the past 17 years I’ve been working on and around database software tools. It’s a pretty narrow specialization, but I dig it. I’m currently a Product Manager for Oracle, working on the SQL Developer team. My true passion lies in helping people maximize their productivity and retain sanity while working with database development and administration tools. Jeff is the product manager for SQL Developer and ORDS. You can read his blog at thatjeffsmith.com and follow him on Twitter @thatjeffsmith.