NYOUG Webinar: Improve PostgreSQL replication using Oracle GoldenGate, by Bobby Curtis

NYOUG Webinar: Improve PostgreSQL replication using Oracle GoldenGate, by Bobby Curtis

PostgreSQL databases use the Write-Ahead Logging approach for the replication of data. At the same time, customers worldwide have asked for Oracle GoldenGate to support replication to and from PostgreSQL databases. The wait is over! This session will introduce Oracle GoldenGate for PostgreSQL and highlight what needs to be looked at to ensure successful replication for any PostgreSQL environment.


  1. What is new in Oracle GoldenGate for PostgreSQL
  2. WAL features that need to be considered for replication with Oracle GoldenGate
  3. Simplicity of PostgreSQL replication with an external software package

Meet the Speaker:

Bobby Curtis is the founder and owner of RheoData, a global systems integrator (SI) that focuses on helping customers architect, move, and use data to achieve their business needs. He is a former Oracle GoldenGate Product Manager, an Oracle ACE Director Alumni, a published author, and a frequent blogger. Bobby has worked for various consulting firms specializing in creating, maintaining, tuning, and integrating enterprise database solutions to solve complex business problems. Bobby hosts a blog, http://dbasolved.com, which is a source of information for solving complex issues related to Oracle technologies and data movement. Along with his blog, Bobby is active on twitter under the handle, @DBASolved. During his downtime, Bobby enjoys spending time with his family while traveling to watch his children compete in their respective sports. He is a geek, either writing the next chapters of an upcoming book or looking for technical solutions to solve.

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