NYOUG Webinar: The Power of DBaaS for Oracle with Nutanix


NYOUG Webinar: The Power of DBaaS for Oracle with Nutanix

Meeting Sponsor: Nutanix
Date: Jun 2, 2020


Imagine simplifying and automating the time-consuming activity of provisioning or patching databases, where one-click simplicity allows you to clone/copy databases that are TBs in size in just a few minutes. Leveraging our Time Machine technology, Era captures all database states for any given service-level agreement (SLA) and allows DBAs to not only create fully functional database copies but also refresh existing copies using one-click operations. Nutanix Era is revolutionizing the experience of provisioning, patching, and managing databases from day 0 to day n operations. Come and learn how to deliver and take advantage of database as a service (DBaaS) on premises with Nutanix Era.

Objective 1:

Provisioning new database servers

Provisioning pre-configured database servers by leveraging orchestration & automation

Objective 2:

Copy Data Management – Manage – Clone & Snapshot with Zero byte clones and low overhead

Objective 3:

Once click patching for Oracle & Grid Home


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