NYOUG Webinar: Using a Pl/SQL Table API to Implement SmartDB/Thick Database Principles

NYOUG Webinar: Using a Pl/SQL Table API to Implement SmartDB/Thick Database Principles

Presented by Peter Koletzke

Applications developed using APEX, ADF, MAF, JET, MAX, VBCS/VB Studio, Java, JavaScript, or any other development framework can benefit from using the development approach known as “Thick Database” (SmartDB). Thick Database uses the power of Oracle PL/SQL and SQL to centralize business logic in database code. One key technique that can be used to implement these principles is the Table Application Programming Interface (Table API).

This session provides an overview of the Thick Database approach and explains its benefits such as reduced cloud database costs, simplification of user interface code, and more efficient and secure applications.

The session then focuses on the code components and strategies in the Table API technique used to isolate code that accesses data. The presentation explains a number of methods for generating a large part of the Table API code and shows examples of generated code as well as code that calls the Table API code.

Meet the speaker:
Peter Koletzke is an Oracle ACE Director who has worked for over 34 years in the IT industry and has presented at various Oracle technology conferences around the world over 360 times. Additionally, he has won a dozen user group awards from ODTUG, NYOUG, and ECO/SEOUC. Peter is also an Oracle Certified Master, UTOUG board member, past board member of IOUG and NYOUG, and co-author – variously with Duncan Mills, Avrom Roy-Faderman, and Dr. Paul Dorsey – of eight
Oracle Press (McGraw-Hill Professional) books about Oracle JDeveloper/ADF, Oracle Forms and Reports, and Oracle Designer.

Co-Hosted by the New York Oracle Users group (http://nyoug.org/) and Viscosity North America.



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