ADDM Spotlight Turns Expert Tactical Advice Into Strategic Performance Optimization Insights

NYOUG Webinar on May 23, 2023 presented by Anusha Vojjola and John Beresniewicz

ADDM Spotlight is an exciting new Oracle performance management feature that empowers DBAs to raise their performance management game by aggregating the expert recommendations of ADDM into strategic insights. ADDM has long provided DBAs with expert tactical advice on how to relieve severe performance issues by analyzing hourly AWR snapshots. When recommendations made by ADDM involve some element of risk, or significant cost and effort, administrators need confidence that implementing them will be worth it and to the benefit of all workloads executing on the database. ADDM Spotlight aggregates and analyzes hourly findings and recommendations over time periods of days or even weeks to identify those that occur most frequently, have the most total impact, or that dominate during specific workload periods. This allows DBAs to weigh the strategic benefit of recommendations against the cost and risk of implementing them. ADDM Spotlight is available through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Operations Insights service as well as the Enterprise Manager product.

Anusha Vojjol, Senior Product Manager, and John Beresniewicz, Architect, are with the Enterprise and Cloud Observability team at Oracle

This event is co-hosted by the New York Oracle Users Group ( and Oracle Professional Services firm, Viscosity North America (


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