Kubernetes, Containers, Microservices + Mobile with Oracle Database = Modern App Dev

NYOUG Webinar on May 18, 2023 presented by Mark Nelson and Andy Tael

We’d like to invite you to a webinar with Mark Nelson and Andy Tael, Developer Evangelists from the Oracle Database Emerging Technology team. You’ll learn about a new offering from Oracle that makes it super easy to develop, run and manage microservices and mobile applications leveraging the full power of Oracle’s converged database.

If you’re a DBA who wants to know how to talk to your developers about how the Oracle Database can be used to build modern containerized microservices applications, or act as the backend for mobile applications; or if you’re a developer who builds microservices or mobile applications and you want to know how to leverage data and features from the Oracle Database, then this webinar is for you!

We’ll talk about Spring Boot – the most popular framework for microservices, and cover topics like containerized deployment in Kubernetes, service discovery, managing configuration, workflow, observability, distributed tracing, managing data consistency across microservices, API gateway, as well as development, deployment, and operational management tools.

We’ll also demonstrate just how easy it is to build mobile applications using the Parse API to access the Oracle Database. We’ll show Flutter and React Native examples – two of the most popular and fastest growing frameworks for building mobile apps today.

Mark is an Architect and Developer Evangelist in the Oracle Database team, focusing on microservices and mobile development, messaging, data and event streaming, and simplified two-tier architecture. He is the co-creator of Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform.

Andy is a Developer Evangelist in the Oracle Database team, focusing on microservices, Spring Boot and messaging (emerging technologies). He is the co-creator of Oracle Backend for Spring Boot offering.

This event is hosted by Oracle Corporation (www.oracle.com).


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