Eliminating Database I/O Latency with Oracle Database 21c/19c Persistent Memory Features

NYOUG Webinar on October 25, 2022 presented by Kai Yu

Database I/O latency often posts significant performance bottlenecks on database systems. Oracle Persistent Memory database and the Oracle Memory Speed File system(OMS) introduced Oracle Database 21c and 19c respectively provide the support for Persistent Memory (PMEM) as database storage and significantly reduce database I/O Latency. By mapping database buffer cache directly onto Persistent Memory storage, Persistent Memory Database directly uses data residing in the Persistent Memory storage and eliminates the latency of copying data into the database buffer cache. This session discusses these two features in detail and how we leverage them to achieve the extremely low latency and high throughputs in a high performance database system. This session provides how-to details of implementing these two Persistent Memory database features, also provides the use cases & performance benefit studies of leveraging these two features in a high performance database system. We will also discuss the recent Intel’s announcement on PMem and the related next technology direction.

Kai Yu is a Distinguished Engineer of of Dell Technical Leadership Community in Dell Technologies. Kai has 28+ years’ experience of architecting various IT solutions by specializing various Oracle Technologies.

This event is co-hosted by the New York Oracle Users Group (www.nyoug.org) and Oracle Professional Services firm, Viscosity North America (www.viscosityna.com)


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