Pre Oct. 2013: Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse SIG Presentations

In 2013 NYOUG redesigned its web site. To keep the older presentations they were grouped together by SIG and posted as one post. The following are all the BIDW SIG presentations that occurred prior to October 2013.

Shyam Varan Nath

Jul 27, 2012

“Big Data and Analytics, ‘R’ you Ready” 

This webinar will include an introduction to Big Data and topics like Hadoop and NoSQL along with discussion of Oracle’s Big Data Appliance and Oracle R Enterprise for Big Data Analytics. Shyam will discuss the industry landscape and use cases to benefit from the use of Big Data. Attendees will learn about Oracle R and how to apply it for Big Data Analytics.


Tony Jedlinski 
May, 26, 2011


Joint BI/DW- Web SIG Meeting.

This presentation will expose the power of Oracle Application Express, a powerful rapid web application development tool included at no charge with every Oracle database since version 9.2. In less than an hour, you will learn what APEX does extremely well and how to quickly develop secure web based applications using this powerful tool.
Shown with live demos.

 Josh Millinger 
January, 20, 2011


Joint BI/DW- Web SIG Meeting.

Application Express provides a lot of wonderful features with Interactive Reports (IR) that allow end-users to develop their own custom reports. The question for developers is how to “break-in” to the black box to customize the interactive reports and use them the most effectively. This presentation will show attendees how the interactive reports are generated and managed by Oracle. In addition, discussion will revolved around best practices and considerations when developing with IR’s.

Tony Politano
Senior Director in Oracle’s Enterprise Solution Group 
August 10, 2010


Joint BI/DW- Web SIG Meeting.

In today’s economic environment, organizations must be constantly focused on managing performance. An emerging trend is the role of Chief Performance Officer, a single point of focus for enterprise performance management within an organization. Part technologist, part business executive and part communicator, the CPO helps organizations to better understand and take proactive measures in managing performance. In this session, Tony Politano will outline the keys to successfully rolling out performance management and BI in your organization and how an Oracle platform can provide a scalable solution for any organization.

Rick Michaud 
May 4, 2010


Joint BI/DW- Web SIG Meeting.

Oracle Database 11g is a revolutionary product release in terms of the capabilities and features it brings to enterprise IT to reduce costs, improve productivity, and enable IT to meet and in some cases surpass the business drivers of many corporations. PL/SQL is no exception to this revolution and is an often overlooked strength of the platform. This presentation will cover 10 of the most compelling new features and enhancements to the the PL/SQL language and development platform.

Ulf Mattsson
Februrary 3, 2010


Joint BI/DW- Web SIG Meeting.

There are a number of encryption schemes and data protection technologies being marketed today. Do they offer the same levels of protection? What risks to data exist in the different schemes? How can a company decide between competing encryption technologies? This session will review the latest methodologies and technologies, such as Type Preserving Encryption, Data Masking, Tokenization and Database Activity Monitoring. This session is focused on answering the question “How can IT security professionals provide data protection in the most cost effective manner in an Oracle environment?”

Eugene Plagge, 
Senior Principal Consultant at IT Convergnece, Inc.

April 28, 2009

Presentation:Trade in Discoverer F-150 Pickup for OBIEE Lexus 
Podcast: Trade in Discoverer F-150 Pickup for OBIEE Lexus.mp3

This presentation will show how to migrate a Discoverer Metadata to an OBIEE environment. Eugene will discuss the architecture and processing of OBIEE from a high level, and then explain how to complete the migration. The demonstration will show how to move the metadata using Oracle tools, and how to verify the success of the migration. 

Michael Richards, Oracle Subject Matter Expert

June 3, 2008

Star Transformation & Optimization
This presentation illustrates how to utilize the Star Schema for performance advantages leveraging “Star Query Transformation” vs. the traditional Third Normal Form Snowflake schema. Mike will explain how the Oracle Optimizer prunes a query’s result set with its conversion of many logical joins into a single operation using Bitmap Indexes. He will also answer the question of why Bitmaps should not just be used for low cardinality and are up to 100 times faster than traditional indexes.
David Gnau, Senior Sales Consultant – Oracle Corporation

January 30, 2008

11g Partitioning – New Features and Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)

Learn about the evolution, benefits, and basic partition strategy in Oracle from its introduction in 8.0 to our latest version in 11g. Learn how partitioning can improve performance, simplify database manageability and availability. David will review new partitioning features in 11g, such as interval, reference, and virtual column based partitioning. In addition, this presentation will touch upon how partitioning can reduce the costs of ILM ( Information Lifecycle Management).

Shyam Nath & Ratan Vakil, Oracle Corporation

August 17, 2006

An Inside Look at Oracle OLAP with Advanced Analytics
The presentation covers the definition of OLAP and a comparison of OLAP to OLTP technologies. A case will be made why organizations require both OLTP and OLAP solutions. Examples of the wide ranging use of OLAP tools across different industries, types of organizations and expected business solutions will be highlighted.
The Oracle OLAP products are covered, together with a demonstration of some of the OLAP tools.
Tina Yetman, Oracle Corporation Enterprise BI for Better Decisions
A look at building a complete business intelligence architecture. Focuse on key business scenarios that will lead you through a complete process of transforming / loading data into a data warehouse (both relational and multi-dimensional data structures). Covers building end-user reports and deploying them through a custom dashboard.  There are 3 zip files for this presentation
David Friedland, CoSort/IRI Speeding High-Volume ETL for Oracle Data by Combining Optimized Flat-File Tools
John McKenna, Counterpoint Technologies, Inc. Aggregate Navigation – Using Materialized Views And Query Rewrite
Jennifer Leung, Oracle Oracle Data Warehousing – A Guided Tour
Richard Solari, Senior Product Manager of Data Mining Technologies, Oracle Oracle9i Data Mining 06/18/02 –PAPER [505K]PRESENTATION [150K] – What is data mining and how it fits into the world of business intelligence and more specifically, how it fits into the Oracle 9i infrastructure.
Detailed focus will be on the 2 areas where data mining is being used today.
1. The use of data mining technologies to solve business problems.
   We will share some real world projects that we have used data mining for.
2. The integration of data mining technologies into other applications,
   such as CRM, to create analytical intelligence within these applications.
Mary Rehus, Oracle Oracle9i Oracle Reports 02/05/02 – 425k
Mary Rehus, Oracle Oracle9i Oracle Discoverer 02/05/02 – 2M
Mary Rehus, Pat Larkin, Oracle Oracle9i OLAP Services 10/30/01 – 515k
Rob Edwards Oracle9i Data Warehouse Review 06/26/01 – 230K
Chris Muli SQL Extensions and Metadata
Rob Edwards Data Warehousing 101
Rob Edwards Data Warehousing 102
Chris Muli Data Warehouse Builder
Rob Edwards Data Warehousing: Extraction, Transformation, & Loading
Rob Edwards Designing Star Schemas For Data Warehousing
Oracle Corp. Data Warehouse Business Intelligence
Meryl Surgan The Evolution Of Data Warehousing
Angelo Bobak Three Parallel Paths to Implementation of a Data Warehouse